VOLT – The festival for electronic music



Volt – the festival for electronic music
Uppsala Konsert & Kongress
Saturday, June 8th 2013

Volt is Sweden’s leading festival for electronic music. On June 8th 2013, Volt is celebrating its fifth anniversary.

For the fifth year running, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress will be occupied by electronic beats as The Volt Festival enters the building. As in previous years, a long list of Swedish and international electronic music acts will be presented.

Volt 2013 presents electronic music in its many forms: from focused, minimalist house and techno to rock hard dubstep, humming ambient and genre-defying experiments.

Volt is much more than a music festival celebrating electronic music. Visitors to Volt are also presented with video art and interactive installations occupying the borderland between man and machine, digital and analog.

This years festival include artists such as:

Kyoka (JP)
Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall (FI/DE/SE)

//Some artists that have played Volt in the past: Ikonika (UK), The Black Dog (UK), Alva Noto (DE), Oneohtrix Point Never (US), AGF (DE), Darkstar (UK), Mary Anne Hobbes (UK), Ben Klock (DE), Loud Objects (US), Gudrun Gut (DE), Radio Slave (UK), Le Petit ORB (UK/GER), 2562 (NL), B6 (CN), Shinedoe (NL), Aki Onda (JP/US), Motor City Drum Ensemble (DE), GAS (DE), Jacaszek (PN), Wolfgang Flür (ex-Kraftwerk) (DE) some swedes: Alter/Jonsson, Little Dragon, Differnet + Stig Larsson, Lisa Nordström, The Field, Kondens, Liminals, Unai, Ulf Eriksson, Mokira, Roll The Dice, Pär Grindvik, Håkan Lidbo, DJ Coolof, and lots of others…//


Tickets to Volt can be purchased at the Uppsala Konsert & Kongress box office
Phone: +46 18 727 90 00
Visiting Address: Vaksala torg, Uppsala

Or via Ticnet | +46 77 170 70 70

For those purchasing tickets from outside of Sweden, the easiest option is to order via Ticnet’s call center.
Ticnet Call center: + 46 77-170 70 70


Night Bus
Tickets for the night bus between Uppsala and Stockholm can be purchased via Ticnet.se. The bus departs from Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, Storgatan, 9 June, 2013 at 03:15am.

Bus tickets on Ticnet


Uppsala Konsert & Kongress is located at Vaksala Torg in central Uppsala, only a few minutes walking distance from the Uppsala Travel Center. Travelling from Stockholm takes approximately 40 minutes by train, car or bus. Parking is available in a nearby parking garage, Centralgaraget and the shopping center Kvarnen.

See map on Hitta.se


Uppsala Konsert & Kongress
A venue created for meetings and music</strong>

Uppsala Konsert & Kongress is a multifunctional cultural venue with world class design and acoustics. The building’s impressive architectural structure gives it a distinctive personality that is modern and dynamic. With eight floors and 14 600 square meters of space, it is an ideal venue for Volt and music in general, as well as conferences, large congresses and small meetings.

Volt plans to utilize Uppsala Konsert & Kongress’s beautiful, futuristic spaces to the max. Installations are waiting to be found in unexpected places. Relaxing electronica and a spectacular view of Uppsala can be found on the sixth floor at the sky bar. Meanwhile, experimental musicians challenge listeners in the smaller venues and bigger dance-friendly acts make sure that sweat is dripping on the larger dance floors. Music will pump out of every corner as the evening fades into summer night.

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Tickets are available through:
Uppsala Konsert &
Kongress >>

+46 18 727 90 00 or
Ticnet >>
+46 77 170 70 70

Here you can buy tickets including bus transfer from Stockholm Central.


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