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Jacazeks latest album “Glimmer“ (2011 Ghostly International) is the natural result of Jacaszek’s constant search for new, chamber, electroacustic forms of music. Subtle, seemingly unfinished, vanishing electronic parts are completed by sounds of harpsichord (Małgorzata Skotnicka), bass clarinet (Andrzej Wojciechowski) and metalophone (Jacaszek). Musical harmony and tones of “Glimmer” recalls baroque chamber music. But clarinet, metalophone and characteristic electronic phrases gives Jacaszek’s music a fresh, unique form.

Volt is happy to introduce the audience to the rich audio world of Jacaszek. A world, where composers as diverse as Henry Gorecki and Tim Hecker resonate within the rich musical texture. The live show is a beautifully orchestrated meeting between acoustic and digital, sound and picture, emotion and memory.

Jacaszek performs with Andrzej Wojciechowski (clarinet) and Ignacy Wiśniewski (harpsichord).

The concert is accompanied by live visuals by Pedro Maia (visual artist from Portugal).

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