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It all started with some old synthesizers and the will to play. Jonsson and Alter met in Gothenburg, Sweden, years ago. In 2010 they found themselves being neighbors in Berlin, Neukölln. One day Jonsson paid a visit to Alter who was checking out some abandoned synthesizers found in the street. A jam session started that has not yet ended.

Jonsson has a long history of record making and is the musician behind projects like Porn Sword Tobacco, Stress Assassin and Gunnar Jonsson. His track ”Morgonånga” was voted one of the best tracks of 2010 by MNML SSGS and the track ”Massagerutin 1” still blows minds. Alter also has a long release history, with records on labels such as Minus, Gigolo and Room With A View.

Alter/Jonssons album ”Mod” received the Manifest price for ”Best dance album 2011”. The album sets a new standard of what a dance music album should be. With personality and grace Jonsson/Alter blend soul, atmosphere and space with heavenly monotone funk. Or as the artists put it: “This album just landed in our laps like sand falls inside an hourglass, every note is a breath of air and each kick pumps like a woken heart.”

We are very happy to welcome them to Volt.

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