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The Black Dog



The Black Dog are universally respected, not least for their classics on Warp, Soma and Dust Science, which literally created new fields of music. With new personnel added to the line up, we now see output that is stronger and darker. They form new links in the chain of ideas and rhythm between dance music and older forms. The Black Dog’s innovation is grounded in previous generations of artists and musicians, to the beats, the Bohemians, and further back.

The Black Dog on record evoke a curious bitter sweetness, at once tender and distant, while delivering incredible rhythmic inventiveness. Some call it ‘intelligent’, and it is, but the word denies the music’s visceral, overpowering sensuousness. The Black Dog make music you feel as well as think.

Volt is proud to present these true legends in the history of electronic music. The Black Dog live 2012 is an intense experience drawing from the success of their latest – killer 4/4-banging techno album – Liber Dogma (Soma, 2011).

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