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6/6/2015 Uppsala Konsert & Kongress

Uppsala Konsert & Kongress

Artists 2014

Making a huge debut impact in 2012 with releases on Rush Hour and the emerging L.I.E.S. record label, Xosar quickly grew along L.I.E.S. to the world acknowledgment they both are now known for.


Performing and releasing her take on playful lo-fi house and electro from 2012 onwards, Xosar made 2015 a new chapter, releasing a techno debut album. ‘Let Go’ is Xosar’s darkest and most adventurous efforts to date and comes with equally energetic and mystic live performances.

Seldom has such sparse output been given so much attention as in the case with Objekt. The reason is simple – since Objekt’s first self-released 12″ in 2011, every update has come with the excitement of hearing tracks that reinvent current waves in genre-fusing and adventurous modern dance music.


The sparseness was in late 2014 replaced with multitude, as PAN released Objekt’s debut album ‘Flatland’. Covering fast-paced electro, slow-burning techno killers, the shattered beats of a post-dubstep landscape, electric minimalism or just plain weirdness – all of Objekt’s production to date still shares a couple of traits: extreme attention to detail and as pieces in the musical puzzle of this decade’s possibly single true IDM artist.


Objekt’s skill set ranges well into DJ territory, being one of the most honoured current DJs in the field of patching beats, waves and genres thought to be unmendable.

Afrikan Sciences (Eric Douglas Porter) stands solidly as one of the most innovative musicians to surface in recent times. Once described as the love child of Afrika Bambaataa and science-fiction writer Octavia Butler, the grandSun of Ra, Porter’s production has always crafted a marriage between various forms of music and sci-fi with an emphasis on freedom in tempos and meter.


An accomplished DJ and live performer, his repertoire ranges from nu-soul and free jazz to experimental electronic orientations. Porter has released four benchmark albums, with the latest – ‘Circuitous’ – being released in 2014 on Berlin imprint PAN and transcending jazz, techno and hip hop with pineal Afro-futurist vision.

Techno experimentalist Dasha Rush has since her first releases in 2004 been on a path of her own. Most of her albums and singles have been released on own imprints, Fullpanda and Hunger To Create. Her performances range from straight-on techno DJ sets to singular collaborations with choreographers and dancers, galleries and theatres. Her music ranges from techno production masterpieces to poetic sound sketches.


Dasha Rush’s solitary days might now be over though, as legendary German experimental music institution Raster-Noton started 2015 by releasing her latest album, ‘Sleepstep’. The album is a wide-ranging ambient-pop-techno insomnia therapy session, featuring powerful electronic beats, acoustic verses and vocal compositions.


On Volt 2015, Dasha Rush performs the audiovisual piece Antarctic Takt, premiered in 2014. The audience is proposed an abstract visit to the vast and cold ambience of the Antarctic continent. Intense icy frequencies and rhythms are bouncing like subtracting icebergs, undulating outcrops in an acoustic space as foreign and alien as the barren landscape itself.

Gazelle Twin is the creation of producer, composer and artist, Elizabeth Bernholz. Following up 2011 album debut ‘The Entire City’, Gazelle Twin released the album ‘UNFLESH’ in 2014. UNFLESH is a dark and beautiful, sinister and sexual, bold and whispering presentation of industrial and noise sounds in contemporary techno fused with strong pop songwriting.


Gazelle Twin’s works surrounds processes of introspection, also portrayed into the live performances. Masked, not to present an alter ego, but rather as a retreat inwards, Gazelle Twin is crossing boundaries, transcending identity and gender alike.

With prolific output since 2004, Cio D’Or most renowned efforts to date are the singles and album released on Prologue along a collaborative EP with hypnotic techno master Donato Dozzy. Cio D’Or’s artistry is highly transdisciplinary, ranging from seniority in steering dance floor energies with minimal and hypnotic techno, to studies in delicate sound experimentations and rendering convincing landscapes through expressive compositions.


Taking time off DJ performances in 2014, a year’s focus on studio work is bearing fruit: Cio D’Or’s second album ‘all in all’ is her most expansive work to date, a three-chapter outing soon to be released on Semantica Records.

Stockholm-based Frida-Li Lövgren makes cinematic synth compositions in fluctuating tempos under moniker Quiltland. With a distinct style on the verge of what can be described as ambient music, she retains a very distinct feeling of pop, albeit without the confining boundaries. Bursts of trance kicks, a distant foghorn, like swimming on the brink of the deep end, Quiltland makes music for the brave and the patient, the introspective and the casual raver. Sometimes high and sometimes low, always sensing the beauty in both.


The self-titled LP and the cassette EP “Sisto” both released on british label Astro:Dynamics in 2014 got widely acclaimed by foreign press last year, topping several charts for best electronic albums of the year.


Following the two releases, remix commissions and collaborations with Team Rockit promises a new direction for the experimental and ever-surprising Quiltland as she stares into 2015.

Call Super’s recent emergence has been in the best of company. Heralded as a favourite new DJ by Ben UFO, Call Super has performed on PAN showcases in New York and Berlin, does extended DJ sessions with Objekt and has received high acclaim for recent podcast mixes for Resident Advisor and XLR8R.


Following single releases on The Trilogy Tapes and London club institution Fabric’s Houndstooth imprint, Call Super made his strongest impact to date with debut album ‘Suzi Ecto’ in 2014. As emotive and dynamic as his DJ sets, the top charting ‘Suzi Ecto’ is as much a dance music album as a neo-concrète sound puzzle – and the finest introduction to the thrilling tonal world of Call Super.

Cologne artist Sonae transformed her DJ skills into artistry in 2012 with collaged compositions released on ambient music label A Strangely Isolated Place.


Her debut album ‘Far Away Is Right Around The Corner’ was released in early 2015 on Gudrun Gut’s Monika imprint. The album covers found sounds, candid melodies, raw electronics and cinematic passages in a discerning arrangement.

The Cases is a Swedish duo consisting of Tomas Bodén (Differnet, Liminals) and Jean-Louis Huhta (Dungeon Acid, The Skull Defekts). Operating out of their cases of modular audio and video synthesizers, they build soundscapes in the moment. Every situation is unique.

Fifteen years ago, Mokira debuted on Raster-Noton. Since then there has been dub techno vinyls on Kontra-Musik, two ambient dub LP’s on Type Records and minimal dub on Mille Plateaux. In 2015 Mokira released a white vinyl of industrial dub. Yes, the keyword is dub.


Mokira is a project by Andreas Tilliander started in the nineties. While Tilliander’s present touring focus mainly lies on his latest moniker, TM404, the 45 minute live set at Volt will be the only Mokira performance in 2015.

Uppsala native Klara Lewis debuted to high acclaim with album ‘Ett’ on seminal experimental/ambient label Editions Mego in 2014, followed by the ‘Msuic’ EP a few months later.


Intuitively combining video works with the found sounds and electronic textures of her recordings, Lewis’ debuting audiovisual live shows has been seen and heard on CTM Festival in Berlin, national Swedish Radio’s Art’s Birthday celebration and on the premiering ‘Volt presents’ concert night at UKK earlier this year.

Anna-Karin Brus works with various collage techniques as an artist and musician. Her art pieces often contain a narrative with ingredients from the surroundings, for example, in the shape of photographs or field recordings. By combining them with various disparate elements crashes occur and a new whole appears. Image and sound participate as two inseparable components and noise is to be expected.

Kablam is a producer and DJ inspired by strong emotions, bold rhythms and howling dance floors. Behind the decks she manipulates digital tracks with the range of advanced possibilities offered in modern DJ booths. Adapting rather to space than time, Kablam is becoming (in)famous for a no-fear aesthetic of contrasting genres.


As one of the residents at Berlin’s bleeding-edge Janus party, alongside co-residents Lotic and M.E.S.H., she experiments with radical music possibilities, pushing forward a sound that is allusive, brash, and completely new.

With a past in both Malmö and Copenhagen club scenes, M. Wrecker is returned to her hometown of Stockholm where she from DJ booths and dance floors investigates the club as a space beyond binary gender identities. You can expect new sounds and styles in combinations you did not think was possible. It’s all about progression.

Tigris was created with the goal of bringing new life to a scene in hibernation. Eclectic, unorthodox and quality-focused, the group aims to bring international talent to the hometown of Uppsala. With various club nights and projects in the past, the members have shared stages with the likes of Ben UFO, Virginia and Genius of Time. At Volt 2015 they select among the records they love, by artists they wish to bring here.

Fueled by boredom and numbness, Funky Tuna aka Anhedonia wades through crates of vinyl to find the perfect tunes with which to feed them dopamine receptors. The weapon of choice is hardcore and the style of mixing is as her music: hard and fast.


Mostly seen at underground parties around Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, lately she has guested the odd bar venue as well. On Volt 2015 we will have the privilege of experiencing a follow-up to Funky Tuna’s legendary schranz sets from Volt’s early years.

Swedish pair Jonas Rönnberg (Varg, Ulwhednar, Född Död) and Michel Isorinne have since 2013 recorded as D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. for labels like Northern Electronics, Clan Destine and Opal Tapes. Their sound veers from foggy drones to icy techno via deep acid.


2015 album In The Wake Of The Dark Earth is one for headphones or home listening, for lonely winter nights or long night time journeys. An absorbing ambient affair weighed down by a heavy sense of atmosphere. At times shadowy and eerie, at others cautiously optimistic, the perfectly crafted spaces within all invite you to get lost and completely forget the outside world. Modern ambient never sounded better!


D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. will perform excerpts of the album live for the first time ever – world premiere on Volt 2015.

Nika Son runs two regular nights at the notorious Hamburg club Golden Pudel and releases music on her own Noctui imprint. While entering Hamburg art school as a painter, Nika Son graduated as a sound artist and musician. Her works transformed from sculptural to sound-sculptural, developed through a love for manipulated field recordings, audio fragments, synthesizer sequences and radio waves. Her music sounds as it has been painted by a sensitive and noisy brush, collaged with soft and sensory scissors.

Blazej Malinowski is a musician, DJ and radio journalist deeply rooted in the Polish electronic scene. While his musical work focuses on techno and deep minimal forms, his engagement in the scene is broader: radio broadcasts and club nights, Warsaw Electronic Festival and the Minicromusic Records imprint.


At Volt 2015, Blazej performs a special ambient live set dedicated for the FLIM stage.

Krzysztof Karlsson is a DJ, VJ and club organizer active in the Swedish ambient and electronica scene. Spinning records and organizing music events since the mid-nineties, his latest project, FLIM Stockholm, a nomadic club concept in Stockholm, has attracted the most attention. Borrowing its name from an Aphex Twin track, FLIM has become a beloved place for electronic music enthusiasts, bringing DJ sets, live acts and electronica-infused visuals together.


With DJ sets ranging from ambient, electronica and dub to distorted and stepping, industrial and atmospheric techno, Kliin has made appearances in Copenhagen and Sweden’s prime electronic music festivals. On Volt 2015, Kliin will be presenting special nineties classic ambient and user57883357 Selected Works DJ sets.

Gram[m]ofon = Talk + podcast + performance. A series of artist talks that will kick off in April 2015. Journalist Mats Almegård, the Goethe-Institut and Polska institutet welcomes a variety of prominent artist from Germany and Poland, inviting them to bring along their favourite records. The selected tracks will be listened to and discussed in front of a live audience, and the talks will also be published as podcasts.


On Volt 2015, Gram[m]ofon has invited Cio D’or to bring and talk about her most significant records before entering the DJ booth.


A record player, or a Gram[m]ofon, is more than just a device that plays back music. Combine it with a record collection and you have a machine that plays back a person’s history. A record collection is a very personal thing, and when the headphones are not connected it might just gossip loudly about one’s childhood, infatuations, disappointments, joys, sorrows and passions. If a record collection could be said to be the soundtrack of your life, the record player might just tell us who you are.


Gram[m]ofon was previously called Plattenspieler and was launched in the autumn of 2013 by Mats Almegård and the Goethe Institut. Gram[m]ofon is presented by Mats Almegård, the Goethe-Institut and Polska Institutet.

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